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Jumat, 05 Oktober 2007

Quran Mengutip Injil Palsu

Quran Mengutip Injil Palsu

By Bishop Zakaria Boutros

1). The angel bringing food to Maryam while she was in Al-Mihrâb (seclusion)

In the quran, in the Family of Imran chapter (Surat Aal-'Imran) 37:" Every time Zakaria
entered Al-Mihrâb (seclusion) to visit her, he found her supplied with sustenance.

"That does not exist in the Holy bible at all, but that story was literally present in a popular heretic book named" The birth of Mary and the childhood of the savior", chapter 20

2). The Christ speaking in the cradle:

The quran mentioned that the Christ spoke while he was in the cradle, in Mary chapter
(Surat Maryam) 29, 30:" Then she pointed to him. They said: "how can we talk to one who
is a child in the cradle?'Iesa (Jesus) said: Verily! I am a slave of Allah; He has given me
the Scripture and made me a Prophet"

This story doesn't exit in The Holy Bible, but was literally present in a popular heretic book
named" The birth of Mary and the childhood of the savior", chapter 20, and the quran quoted it from that book

3). The story of the Cave people

The Cave chapter (Surat Al-Kahf )22:"Some say they were three, the dog being the fourth
among them, others say they were five, the dog being the sixth, guessing at the unseen,
yet others say they were seven, the dog being the eighth, My Lord knows best their
number; none knows them but a few, So debate not "

This story of people of the cave was quoted from the book of "the life story of the
Christian saints and martyrs" named "Al-Sineksar"

In it, they mentioned" under the readings of the 20 Th of Mesra" (one of the Coptic

"In that day, on the year 252 Gregorian, the seven young saints martyred, those were in
Ephesus and their names are documented they are: Melkhis, Martinyanus John,
Maximus, Dionasius, Serabion and Kostantinius

When the king provoked the paganism, they went to a cave to hide in it, fearing that they
may fall under the threatening of the king, and deny the Christ, but the king knew about
that, and he commanded to close the gate of the cave on them , one of the guards who
was executing that commandment was a Christian , so he engraved their life story on a
brass sheet he found in the cave

So those saints slender their pure souls and died , when the lord wished to honor those
honest believers , he revealed to the bishop of the city to go and open the door of the
cave , he went and found them dead but their bodies were conserved and intact , he
knew from the brass sheet he found in the cave that they died two hundred years ago,
and he knew from the coins they had that they were during the reign of king Dakius

The story was quoted by Muhammad and was put into the quran

Ibn Hesham said in his book 'the prophetical life story", part one page 217:

"Christianity was widely spread in Najran in the north of Yemen and the south of Hijaz, the king of Yemen was a Christian, also Waraqa Ibn Nofal became a Christian in Makkah and so many others."

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