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Jumat, 05 Oktober 2007

Benarkah Muhammad Meminum Khamer???

Benarkah Muhammad Meminum Khamer???

By Melayu Murtad Berjaya

Dalel Quranul Kareem:

Mereka bertanya kepadamu tentang khamar dan judi. Katakanlah: "Pada keduanya itu terdapat dosa besar dan beberapa manfaat bagi manusia, tetapi dosa keduanya lebih besar dari manfaatnya". Dan mereka bertanya kepadamu apa yang mereka nafkahkan. Katakanlah: "Yang lebih dari keperluan." Demikianlah Allah menerangkan ayat-ayat-Nya kepadamu supaya kamu berpikir (s. al Baqarah 2:219)

Hai orang-orang yang beriman, sesungguhnya (meminum) khamar, berjudi, (berkorban untuk) berhala, mengundi nasib dengan panah, adalah perbuatan keji termasuk perbuatan setan. Maka jauhilah perbuatan-perbuatan itu agar kamu mendapat keberuntungan (al Maidah 5:90).

Didn't Islamic Scholar know about what happened to his messenger of God (Muhammad)??

Dalel Sirakh dan Hadis:

MUSLIM, Book 023, Number 4884:
Anas b. Malik reported: I was standing amongst the uncles of my tribe serving them Fadikh while I was the youngest of them, when a person came and said: Verily the use of liqour has been prohibited. They said: Anas, spill it away. So I spilt it. He (one of the narrators. Sulaiman Taimi) said that he asked Anas what that was (the Fadikh). He said: It had been prepared from unripe and ripe dates. Abu Bakr b. Anas said: It was their liquor in those days. Sulaiman said: A person narrated it to me from Anas b. Malik that he had said so.

“Khamr, made of dates was the favourite. Ibn Khaldun argues that such personages as al-Rashid and al-Ma’mun used only nabidh, prepared by soaking grapes, raisins or dates in water and allowing the juice to ferment slightly. Such drink was judged legal under certain conditions by at least one school of Moslem jurisprudence, the Hanafite. Muhammad himself drank it, especially before it was three days old.” (History of the Arabs; Philip K. Hitti, ch. xxvi, p.337)

The above mentioned converse (Sahih Muslim. The drinks book…the chapter of: dinking wine (narrated Jabber Ibn Abdullah: we were with the messenger of God, then he asked for a drink, a man came to him saying: O messenger of God: do we give you wine to drink, he said: yes, then they brought a goblet of wine to him and the messenger of God drank it)

In (Sahih Muslim…The drinks book): Jabber Ibn Abdullah narrated that they were fermenting the wine for the prophet in a stony container

In (Sahih Al-Bokhary…The drinks book): the prophet forbad mixing date with raisin and he ordered to ferment each of them separately

In (Sahih Muslim…The drinks book): narrated Ibn Abbas: the messenger of God was given wine to drink, he was drinking it for three consecutive days, and then if something was left, he was pouring it

In (Sahih Muslim…The drinks book... the chapter of permitting the wine...) narrated Ibn Hazen Al-Kashiry, he said: I met Aeisha and asked her about the wine, Aeisha called an Ethiopian maid and said: ask this one, as she was fermenting the wine for the messenger of God, the Ethiopian said: I was fermenting the wine by night for him, keeping it till morning, when he waked up he was drinking from it

In (Sahih Muslim…The drinks book... the chapter of permitting the wine...) narrated Al-Hassen, from his mother, from Aeisha, she said: we were fermenting for the messenger of God the wine in a bucket at morning, he was drinking it by night, and we were fermenting it by night, to drink from it the next morning

In (Mosnad Ahmed... the beginning of Mosnad Abdullah Ibn Abbas) narrated Ibn Abbas, he said:" the messenger of God was given wine on Monday night; he was drinking it Monday, Tuesday till afternoon, and if something was left of it, he gave it to the servants or poured it, and So'ba said he was keeping it till Wednesday afternoon and if something was left of it, he gave it to the servants or poured it,

In Mosnad Ahmed... of Mosnad Abdullah Ibn Masoud): Abdullah Ibn Masoud was with the messenger of God in the night of Al-jinn, the prophet said to him:"O, Abdullah do you have water, he replied: I have wine, he said to him: pour for me some of it, to do ablution , and he said to him :O Abdullah Ibn Masoud, that's a pure drink"

In The halabin life history: among those who made the prophet laughing was Noieman, the prophet was laughing by looking at him, as he was telling jokes, and among those who were drinking the wine with him, a man named Abdullah and he was given the name the drunk" (The halabin life history: the life history of Muhammad, part 3, page 459: the chapter of "The one who made the prophet laughing")

Deadly Question For Moslems Scholar:

So if the wine is Satan's deed, as the table chapter (Surat Al-Ma'idah') 90 said, So was Muhammad under Satan's deed all of that period?

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