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Jumat, 05 Oktober 2007

Islam and Terrorism (3)

Islam and Terrorism

By DR Labib Mikhail (Rahmatullahu 'alayhi was salam)

Psychological Terrorism

In Saudi Arabia, a woman is banned from driving a car or from walking down the street alone, or without covering all her body with the hejab (veil). Women in Islam live under constant fear of beating or divorce. The Koran says the following in:

Surat Al-Nisa Chapter 4:34
"As to those women on whose part ye fear disloyalty and ill-conduct, admonish them, refuse to share their beds (which means do not have sex with them) and beat them."

Since Allah is invisible, so submission should be to the sharia (law) of the clerics who interpret the Koran. Peace is granted only to Muslims.

Islam divides the world’s population into two camps, Dar Al-Harb (House of War) where Jews and Christians live, and Dar Al-Islam (House of Islam) where Muslims live. They believe that Jihad, Holy War, should continue against those who live in the House of War until they are all exterminated or converted to Islam.

Fundamentalists dream of a global Islamic empire. They believe that if they destroy America and western countries they will achieve this dream.

(Tambahan dari saya) bahwa malaysia adalah salah satu pengirim terroris di Bumi Indonesia salah satunya Nurdin M.Top, DR Azhari ini merupakan buah ajaran Islam yang Rahmatan lil 'alam dan Pencinta Damai, dan jangan lupa buah didikan Nabi Kamilul Insan (Muhammad)


First: It is the responsibility of the intellectual Muslims, and they are many, to join hands and declare to the Muslims and Muslim countries that the verses of the Koran calling for Jihad and killing of Jews and Christians were for Muhammad’s time. These verses should not be applied in our modern civilizations for they create havoc.

Second: I would suggest to all Muslims, since they shout in every occasion, “Allah Hu-Akbar” (Allah is greater) to leave Allah to defend Islam. If Islam is the only religion He accepts, then let him defend it. Using young men and women to be suicide bombers is an insult to the greatness of Allah, if they really believe that Allah is great.

I would advise Muslims to join the forces of freedom and advanced inventions, to make the planet earth a better place for human life instead of making it a jungle of beasts.

May God bless you.

May God bless America

May He protect us all from evil.

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