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Minggu, 13 Juli 2008

Uniknya Islam

Keanekaragaman Islam yang unik

Sahih Bukhari

Vol 9, Book 93. Oneness, Uniqueness Of Allah (Tawheed). Hadith 579.

Narrated By Abu Dharr : The Prophet said, Gabriel came to me and gave me the glad tidings that anyone who died without worshipping anything besides Allah, would enter Paradise. I asked (Gabriel), 'Even if he committed theft, and even if he committed illegal sexual intercourse?' He said, '(Yes), even if he committed theft, and even if he Committed illegal sexual intercourse."

Terjemahan bebas:
Diriwayatkan oleh Abu Dharr : Nabi berkata, Jibril datang padaku dan memberi aku kabar baik bahwa siapa saja yang mati tanpa menyembah apapun selain Allah akan masuk surga. Aku bertanya (pada Jibril), "Walaupun dia mencuri, walaupun dia berzinah?" Dia menjawab, " (Ya), "Walaupun dia mencuri, dan walaupun dia berzinah."

1 komentar:

Anonim mengatakan...

yes, they who committed those sins will enter paradise....EVENTUALLY. Do not forget that they will have to go through HELL first...

The message intended in that narration is that.....the gravity of the sin of worshipping other than Allah